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Build your own crew of AI agents with access to personal knowledge bases in your Tana.

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    Fis Fraga

    Tana Ambassador

    M.Sc. in Computer Science

    Who is Fis?

    Hey, I am Fis!

    I am an official Tana Ambassador, and have worked with Tiago Forte for the launch of his BASB book and course (here) in Brazil.

    I have a master’s degree in Computer Science with two published papers about using AI to create connections for PKM, including the 1st article ever published about Tana.

    My goal is to make powerful and complex AI workflows become simple and easy.

    What are AI Knowledge Agents?

    After deeply studying the intersection of AI, PKM, and Tana... I have come up with the methodology for AI Knowledge Agents.

    The goal is to radically improve AI results in Tana, by giving it access to YOUR knowledge.

    The system in Tana comes with a Holistic Second Brain for your knowledge management AND AI Agents to help you actually use your knowledge.

    In a nutshell, its made up of 3 components:

    • AI Agents
    • AI Knowledge Bases
    • Holistic Second Brain

    With these (modular) components, you can easily configure AI Agents anywhere in your Tana, including in your Projects, Areas, etc.

    These agents can have access to ANY of your Knowledge AND are already set up with powerful prompts so you get great results from day 1.